Daddy/Daughter Time & Why It’s Important To Me


On our family’s latest grocery shopping trip, we stumbled through the aisles while I had the calculator on my phone ( I’m a huge budget freak, standby for future post on how I coupon and save!) and Austin worked to keep Berklee from reaching out and pulling everything off the shelves. We came to the baking aisle and my dear husband insisted we make room in our budget for some baking necessities.

He told me he really wanted to bake with Berklee…. I fell in love with that man all over again.

Now, will she remember these moments with him? No, not right now. She also won’t remember the time he completely exhausted himself  keeping her still as he attempted to do her pigtails. Or the crazy (literally insane) goofy faces and dance moves he would do just to get her to cheese for mommy’s camera. But this man is building a foundation with his little girl. And one day, the memories he makes will start to stick. Berklee Rae will have a daddy to show her how a husband should love his wife. A daddy that will show her how she should always be treated. And a daddy that would risk public embarrassment just to see his girl smile. Man, how awesome is that?

So today, they baked. It was a beautiful mess of a dessert. I think they were both full from licking the spoon before it was even cooked, and I think Austin learned a little lesson on keeping things out of your toddler’s reach until you’re ready. (I tried hard not to laugh…okay, I didn’t try that hard).

But, oh did they have fun. And that my friends, is a win in our home.

These are all of the products he used! The best thing about doing this? I found out the delicious bar mix is available at Amazon with other great baking products. This means next time, I can order it from home with delivery in two days and not even have to worry about taking my wild toddler to the store!

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I think it’s safe to say she liked it.

Look at that chocolate smile!

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  1. Mom says:

    this is priceless. Love love love! Berklee is such a lucky lil girl❤️

  2. Colleen says:

    Just like her relationship with her Heavenly Father, it is so important for Austin and her to carve out time for just them. You will never regret the memories and time spent with your children!

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