It’s Friday!

What are your plans for the weekend? We plan on taking it easy and enjoying time with our family! The weather is so nice now, that I’m thinking a family hike is in order.  I also gave myself a deadline of Sunday to figure out our family’s Halloween costumes (procrastination at it’s finest).  If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear!

Here are some fun links to check out! Have a wonderful weekend!

These people always amaze me. But I wonder, how many fail videos do they have before these epic shots?

A reminder we all need. 

These photographs amaze me. What talent!

I will trust in you. 

I love this! I wonder what crazy things Berklee will say as she grows older? 

I so wish I would have thought of this. This lady is a genius. 

For all of you dog lovers out there. 

Guys, this actually worked for me. Did it for you?

This quiz says I’m 37….. #oldsoul ?

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