Jord Wood Watch Giveaway!

Only 7 more Fridays until Christmas! Can you guys believe it? I feel like I blinked and this year just flew by!

I’m in the beginning stages of creating my Christmas lists and I’m finding I always run into the same problem. I get to the men in my family and drop my pen. I never know what to get them! Do any of you find yourself in the same predicament?  Please tell me I’m not the only one! I know nothing about fishing, sports, tools or grilling. I get lost in a Cabela’s and I’m still learning all the rules to football. But I do consider myself an expert on one thing, and that’s fashion!

Luckily for me,  I’ve teamed up with Jord Wood Watches to show you a beautiful new timepiece, perfect for the man in your life!

This watch is from the Dover Series. It’s made from Koa wood with a black face AND is automatic! You will never have to worry about changing another battery. You can learn more about this specific watch here.

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Giveaway Alert!

You guys know I wouldn’t leave you empty handed. Click this link —> click <— and enter to win $75 toward your watch! In fact, you will receive $20 off just for entering! Everyone is a winner here at Raising My Arrows! Hurry and enter because this giveaway will close on November 27th.



This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. All opinions are my own. 

Wooden Wristwatch





  1. jessica says:

    I love JORD! This one is so neat how you can see the gears inside!

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      That was my husband’s favorite part too! And the Koa wood is absolutely beautiful!

  2. that watch is SO nice!!

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      It really is! I love a good giveaway! Thank you!

  3. val says:

    What a great watch! Love the open face.

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      That was our favorite part! Thank you for reading!

  4. Love JORD! what a neat watch! My hubby loves the skeleton style watches where you see all the gears!

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      Yes! It is so neat to be able to watch the gears move!

  5. Kristie says:

    I love how this one looks. And that’s so cool it doesn’t need a battery! Your pictures are so great!

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      Thank you so much! It’s a beautiful watch!

  6. Bridget says:

    I LOVE JORD!!! Your pick is amazing!!! And what a great gift for Christmas 🙂

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      Thank you! My husband loved this one! I cannot believe how soon Christmas is too!

  7. Angela says:

    This is such a unique watch! I love spoiling my hubby and this watch is perfect!

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      It really is! And such amazing quality!

  8. Beth Newcomb says:

    This watch looks even better on the wrist! Such a stylish piece!

  9. Andrea Bai says:

    I love the wood detailing!

  10. I love JORD! The watch you chose is beautiful!

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      My husband fell in love with it right away! Thank you for reading!

  11. I absolutely love JORD!

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      Us too Cecilia! Thank you for reading!

  12. Leslie says:

    My husband loves his JORD watch!

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      It is such a great watch!

  13. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful watch! I love the unique design. This would make a great gift for Christmas.

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      I 100% agree Jennifer!

  14. Emily says:

    Right there with ya girl!!!! It’s always hardest to shop for the men!!!! Love this watch!!! xx

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      Thank you! We love it too!

  15. Patricia says:

    I always have a hard time shopping for my husband! These Jord watches are great!!

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      They are Patricia! And so unique too!

  16. Rachel says:

    I absolutely love their watches!! 🙂

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      Us too! Exceptional quality! Thank you for reading Rachel!

  17. Maggie says:

    I love JORD watches, I think thats what I am getting my husband for his birthday/Christmas. The Koa wood is beautiful!

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      He will love it! They are so nice!

  18. Lindsay says:

    Jord has the prettiest watches! and omg only 7 Fridays until Christmas?!?

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      Right!? It’s coming so fast!

  19. Kristeena says:

    Love that watch! I still can’t believe how close Christmas is!!! I am so ready ?

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      Way to go girl! I wish I was even close to being ready! lol

  20. chanel says:

    my husband loves his Jord watch! it’s a great gift!

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      I totally agree! Perfect for Christmas!

  21. Anna says:

    My husband has the same watch and he loves it so much! I love JORD wood watches!

    1. raisingmyarrows says:

      Us too! I love the quality and the koa wood is so unique!

  22. Amber Starr says:

    Such a beautiful watch! My husband would love this!

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