The Buzz with Berklee


For your entertainment each week I am going to post THREE moments with Berklee. The ones that made me laugh, the ones that made cry, and even the ones that made me pull my hair. (just a little)

1. Austin and I took Berklee to her well-check doctor’s appointment this past Tuesday. While in the waiting area, Berklee saw a new friend. The little girl (very quiet and petite) came over and very gently waved to miss b. Berklee then put her hands on her knees (as if she was talking to someone much younger than her.) and screamed HIIIIIIIII. The little girl was completely startled and then ran terrified back to her father……. We then had a talk with our daughter about inside voices, she told us she understood by dancing quietly to Tangled on the TV.

2. I am a stay home mama, so Berk spends a lot of one-on-one time with me. I usually have to sneak out of the house to avoid the tantrum, but this past Sunday, I was not so tricky. I left Austin with her while I went to grab dinner and despite his very best efforts, the moment she saw me walk out that door without her, she came unleashed. I came home ten minutes later to my poor husband picking up puke because she got so worked up she made herself sick. Yuck. But no worries, as soon as she saw I had dinner, that frown turned into a smile and you never would have known she was ever upset. Don’t get me wrong, I was so sad that she got so upset over me leaving. But is it bad that I also got joy in knowing how much she likes her mama? I’ll have to remind her of this in her teenage years when she thinks I’m ruining her life.

3. The day after her vomit inducing tantrum. Austin was determined to never have that happen again. He took Berklee on a little date to the park, while sending me picture and video updates. Summers are brutal here in Arizona, so we hadn’t taken her to the playground in months. He sent me a video of her climbing to the top all by herself, and sliding down the slide like a big girl. It was one of those moments that stings you as a parent. I felt a thrill in seeing my girl explore and discover new things, but I also felt a pinch of sadness too. My baby was turning into a Toddler. She was growing before our very eyes, and I prayed to God for these days to last just a little bit longer.

What are some moments you had with your family this week? I’d love to hear them!

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